January 5, 2012

Pre-breakfast blood sugar:  282 (WTF?)

Pre-dinner blood sugar:  308

Breakfast:  English muffins and egg sandwich

Lunch:  Spaghetti

Dinner:  Italian sausage, buttered noodles, and broccoli

I frankly don’t know what happened to my morning blood sugar.  I really don’t.

My horrendus evening sugar can be explained.  Italian sausage is one of my favorite foods, but finding a variety 3/4 of my household likes has been a challenge.  Tonight we finally achieved that challenge by my youngest devouring the brand/spice level that we picked *insert angelic chorus here*.  I was so happy seeing him ignore the pasta (his weakness just like mama) that I started chowing down.  About 2/3 through my meal I realized I forgot to test.  Given my high sugars to begin with, and this clearly not being a fasting test, it should be higher than normal.

Tomorrow’s going to be interesting.  Remember how I went to all that trouble remembering to refill my prescriptions?  Jeff’s dear, wonderful, considerate (gag me!) HR department just sent out e-mails letting all their underpaid employees know that there is a new drug card and we should have it.  We don’t have this card.  Gee, thanks for being prepared and making sure all employees and their dependents have easy coverage from day 1, right?  Like my life is boring and needs the excitement of fighting with the pharmacy and the insurance companies, right?  I need a job – and the job of the idiot whose grandiose idea to delay sending this stuff out should suffice.  If only life worked that way.

But hey, tomorrow’s Friday, and pay day, and unnecessary drama has seemed to slow down (I have a toddler and a preschooler – there is a degree of necessary drama), might see the boyfriend Saturday night; there’s no reason to let what might happen tomorrow damper my tonight.