January 22, 2012

Pre-breakfast:  198

Pre-dinner:  153

Breakfast:  2 cinnamon rolls

Lunch:  a small sack of onion rings and a spicy chicken sandwich, all from Burger King

Dinner:  hot dogs wrapped in cheese and ramen

It would be an understatement to say that this not exactly a healthy eating day.  Jeff took care of breakfast and has been so sweet to me I couldn’t refuse when he let me lay around this morning.  We were all over the place today, so stopping at BK was convenient.  And at the end of the day I was so tired after fixing the kids a decent meal I didn’t want to put out much effort for my own dinner.

To counter it I’ve been doing a lot of extra exercise, despite sore back/hips/knees/everything from slipping everywhere.  G., being the average 2 year old, can’t just say what he wants for his birthday, but will certainly let you know what he does and doesn’t like when you show it to him.  So part of the day involved roaming the toy aisles of Walmart and Toys R Us showing him toys and almost all of them be thoroughly rejected, and explaining to his brother that we simply cannot buy the whole store.  We also finished up grocery shopping.

While at Walmart, N. got a haircut, and for the first time allowed use of a razor on his head.  He looks so fuzzy – I love it and am really proud of how well he did there.

But I am really tired, and my thinking meats are rebelling. In fact, I made the mistake of mixing up the Green Hornet and the Green Lantern when telling Jim about one of G.’s birthday presents. The dang Fisher Price figure is holding a green lantern, so this really is a no brainer that I failed at. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more calm.