January 4. 2012

Pre-breakfast blood sugar:  189

Pre-dinner blood sugar:  211

Breakfast:  nothing.

Lunch:  1 pack instant grits and sausage

Snack:  Lunchmeat sandwich

Dinner: Hot chocolate, salad, chicken patty

My emotional stress heightened after posting last, and I guess my body took it interally.  Upon waking I just didn’t feel like eating a darn thing.  Or doing anything really, and I completely forgot to take my morning set of medicine until it was just about time for the evening set.  Thankfully Jeff took a sick day to take care of the kids while I dealt with physically feeling like crap.

And, I might add, he did such a great job of it too – he tried his hardest to stick to the kids’ daily schedule, the menu, etc., even when I messed things up (like going to bed 3 hours early).  On top of all of that, he did a metric ton of dishes.

Now, if I can get my butt back on a decent sleep schedule.  🙂