January 15, 2012

Pre-breakfast blood sugar: 167
Pre-dinner: 131

Breakfast: skipped
Lunch: 2 square pieces of pizza, celery
Dinner: Hot dogs and buttered noodles

This morning I felt like someone shoved a lit match down my throat, hence the lack of breakfast or lack of nutritous things.  As a result I’ve been chugging cold water like no one’s business.

Anywho, I haven’t heard much feedback from the blog so far beyond those mentioned (and one petty comment sent to Jeff), and I’d welcome any constructive comments on format, appearance, topics you’d want me to cover, etc. Suggest away!


January 4. 2012

Pre-breakfast blood sugar:  189

Pre-dinner blood sugar:  211

Breakfast:  nothing.

Lunch:  1 pack instant grits and sausage

Snack:  Lunchmeat sandwich

Dinner: Hot chocolate, salad, chicken patty

My emotional stress heightened after posting last, and I guess my body took it interally.  Upon waking I just didn’t feel like eating a darn thing.  Or doing anything really, and I completely forgot to take my morning set of medicine until it was just about time for the evening set.  Thankfully Jeff took a sick day to take care of the kids while I dealt with physically feeling like crap.

And, I might add, he did such a great job of it too – he tried his hardest to stick to the kids’ daily schedule, the menu, etc., even when I messed things up (like going to bed 3 hours early).  On top of all of that, he did a metric ton of dishes.

Now, if I can get my butt back on a decent sleep schedule.  🙂