January 11, 2012 – Weigh In Wednesday!

I predict I’ll be too tired to remember to post, so as to not have a repeat of yesterday, I’m posting early.

Pre-breakfast blood sugar:  198

Pre-dinner blood sugar: 197

Breakfast:  The last little square of leftover lasagna

Lunch: Leftover bow tie pasta

Dinner:  Something at Dave & Buster’s…..I promise I’ll be good.  🙂

Achieving weight loss goals is a common emphasis for many diabetics, I being one of them.  If I recall correctly, less fat means less insulin resistance, and thus better diabetes management.  To give some background to my weight, pre-kids I was 300-ish (I’ve been heavy for as long as I can remember), after having N. I was 290ish, after having G. I was 330ish.  This may sound crazy given yesterday’s/this morning’s post, but I want to have 1, maybe 2 more kids, ONCE I’m in a position to do so (bigger place to live, healthier, in a better financial situation, etc.).  I’m not sure if I want to adopt or go the traditional route.  If I adopted, I would need to loose the weight as to not make the adoption agency question if I’m going to be around long enough to raise the kids any more than they need; if I went the way I’ve done the previous three times, the easier I can manage my diabetic while pregnant status, the better, because being diabetic while pregnant is a bitch.  (How many times did I have to explain to medicine professionals that it’s not gestational, it’s not going to disappear once that kid is out……LOOK AT MY FRIGGIN’ MEDICAL FILE!!!)  I would really like to be 180 pounds at my 5’7″ height; I know it’s not *technically* the ideal weight for me, but I believe I have a great deal of muscle under all this fat from years of playing volleyball and basketball, and I have big breasts to boot, so a skinny lil’ thing I will never be (am I’m okay with that).

So, I stepped on the scale today, before eating/drinking anything, and I weigh *drumroll*……….282.5 pounds!  While I knew the pregnancy weight was gone, I didn’t know I’m starting to shed what I call “my baby weight”, because like I said, I’ve been heavy as long as I can remember, and a lot of it stems from habits I picked up as a young child, so I consider some of my weight to be fat I gained as a baby.  Huzzah!

Now, to go spend a much-needed evening with Jim of dinner and attacking the evil pixels.