January 10, 2012

Last night I laid down in bed to watch a movie with the hubby and fell asleep, completely forgetting to post on here. My apologies.

Pre-breakfast blood sugar: 230

Pre-dinner blood sugar: 212

Breakfast: Apple cinnamon muffin with peanut butter

Lunch: Leftover lasagna and salad

Dinner: Bow tie pasta with basil, chicken and bell peppers in olive oil, bread

Like I predicted, I blew it with the previous night’s lasagna. It probably wouldn’t have been as bad if I stuck to just one serving. But it was so good, and trying to convince the kids and Jeff that it was is a convenient excuse.

Damnit, I need to stop that. I just need to make them try a bite of everything on their plate, and then let them eat what they want. If they don’t eat, well, they’ll eventually get hungry.

In the adventures of my polyamorous lovestyle (I’ve heard someone else use the term “lovestyle”, I wish I remembered who used it and I think it fits so appropriately), hubby and I took the kids on a trip to Walgreens to get condoms for both the J’s. (Adapting a quote from the TV series Roseanne, nothing quite kills a mood like a screaming baby with a stinky diaper, whether s/he is yours or not, OR a metamor wanting to kill you for having the lover-in-common’s baby, or a significant other wanting to kill you for knocking another person up. Also, having watched a neighbor slowly pass away from AIDS complications certainly puts an appreciation on those few seconds to don some latex.) It was quite an interesting trip in logistics, as one of us had to keep the kids busy in the toy/Valentine’s Day aisles while the other looked. While we did not find condoms for one of them, we did find some insoles to help make my beat-up gym shoes last a bit longer.

Otherwise, just imagine the cashier’s face when we pulled up if we found everything: Milk, ladies’ shoe inserts, flavored condoms, snugger fit condoms, and magnum condoms.