January 19, 2012 – Try It Thursday!

Pre-breakfast blood sugar:  171

Pre-dinner blood sugar:  130

Breakfast: 2 pieces of toast and bacon

Lunch:  Hot dogs, cheese, and some orange slices

Dinner:  Macaroni alfredo with chicken and mushrooms

First, let me say that, if you couldn’t tell from my participation in yesterday’s protest, I’m all in favor of SOPA/PIPA going down.  The night before I was too tired to post much, so I set my blog up for the protest and went to get some much needed sleep, and the idea of hurrying up and posting as soon as midnight hit or back-posting just doesn’t feel in the spirit of the protest for me, so I will not be posting what would have been my entries for those days.  I highly recommend complaining to your local reps in both houses of Congress if they supported the bills, ESPECIALLY if they were among the damn dirty bastards that co-sponsored (I’m looking at you, Chabot and Brown, as someone born and raised in Ohio).

In attempts to make more pasta without the tomatoes and garlic Jeff hates, I tried making my own alfredo sauce.  Of course, since Jeff wasn’t with us tonight, I included the garlic salt and garlic mentioned in this recipe; however I added a drained can of chicken and a drained can of mushrooms to get some protein and veggies in the meal without making additional dishes for me to wash.  N. was being extra picky, turning down even a chicken patty I made in addition for both kids; G., being strange as he is my child, seemed to like the sauce but nothing else, dipping his fork into the dish deep enough to get some sauce, remove any mushroom/chicken/macaroni, and eat what was there.  Maybe it will grow on them, and hopefully Jeff will like the garlic-free version too.

I hope y’all look forward to future discussions about Paula Dean’s coming out of the insulin closet?  (just not on her birthday, even though she’ll most likely never read it) and Newt Gingrich’s supposed asking for an open relationship with one of his wives.  These will be in the future, as I have been up too late with the kiddos and the guys, and have not been having my muchly-needed caffeine that I’m used to having.  This weekend is gearing up to be busy, so we’ll see.