January 13, 2012 – A Double Entry, Complete with Pirates!

Thursday’s pre-breakfast: 194
Thursday’s pre-dinner: 163

Thursday’s breakfast: Grits and sausage
Thursday’s lunch: Homemade lunchables, oranges
Thursday’s dinner: Chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, and cheesy broccoli

Today’s pre-breakfast: 186
Today’s pre-dinner: 245

Today’s breakfast: Waffle and Eggs (and a teeny tiny bit of syrup)
Today’s lunch: 3-ways
Today’s dinner: Zesty chicken meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and broccoli

Yesterday was….interesting. On my last post I mentioned Jim and I going out. Well, we earned a lot of points, and found stuff for our collective children. His daughter got a light-up kazoo (brave man….I still stand by my volunteering to nurse him back to health after his wife justifiably kills him for this) and my kids got inflatable hammers. Harmless, right?


I'm too sexy for my eye, Too sexy for my eye, So sexy it hurts!

I presented the hammers to the boys and they went nuts over them, beating everything in sight. At one point when my glasses were off me, N., hit me pretty well in the eye, to the point that using that eye became painful. Thankfully Jeff’s game was cancelled, so he came home earlier than normal, made dinner, and took over the care of the kids. Hence the lack of post yesterday and the utter failure of Try It Thursday.

Today, naturally, has been filled with pirate jokes (even G. got into it, pointing to my eye and screaming “ARG!”) and a certain Bob & Tom song being sent to me (‘One Eyed Love”). And Cincinnati chili 3-ways: spaghetti, Cincinnati-style chili, and gobs of shredded cheddar (which explains the pre-dinner blood sugar).

Since we didn’t do the experimental recipe on Thursday night, I decided to do it tonight, as I can better see now. It is essentially this recipe, but without the ranch, the salsa on the side for dipping instead of in the loaf, and the cheddar being mixed in the loaf. My pickiest eater, Jeff, liked it enough to ask me to try it again and asked me to not change anything (often he has suggestions to tweak the recipe). I call this a great big huge success!

*does a piratey happy dance*