January 23, 2012 (for real this time) – Meatless Monday!

Wow, I really haven’t been with it lately.  Looking back at my posts I seem to have misdated a couple, including yesterday’s.  All the incorrect dates that I’ve noticed have been corrected in their titles, but not in the URL.  Someone should buy me a calendar or something – oh wait, someone DID buy me a calendar for Christmas.  If you are indeed what you eat, then someone’s been growing ginormous peanuts, covering them in chocolate, and feeding them to me without my knowledge because I am a big goober.  🙂

Pre-breakfast blood sugar:  176

Pre-dinner blood sugar: 157

Breakfast:  Cereal and yogurt

Lunch:  Cheese quesadilla with salsa and sour cream (2 tortillas total)

Snack: String cheese, 5 multigrain Club crackers

Dinner:  Grilled cheese sandwiches, veggie soup, and onion rings

Yeah, I know the onion rings aren’t the best choice, but I’m applying a bit of the principle of harm reduction here.  I wanted a side dish different from what I have planned for my other meals, and from yesterday’s adventures I discovered the kids might like onion rings more than just a random bite.  And the last time I checked, having the occasional onion is better than continuously having potatoes (i.e., the fries Jeff wanted for tonight….which he got, but had to encourage the kids to want the onion rings).  To continue in the spirit of harm reduction, I chose to bake them and not fry them.  Bottom line:  I know I have a (slightly) healthier alternative to fries for them.  Still working on Jeff in the that department.

Last night in preparation for tonight’s dinner, I send Jeff out to get “veggies for veggie soup” and some non-tomato vegetarian broth (looking back, considering he doesn’t do tomatoes AT ALL, and there is no hope to changing his mind – I’ve tried – that was kind of silly to make the non-tomato request).  He comes home with:  a can of corn, a parsnip, an orange bell pepper, a yellow bell pepper, a zucchini, and a 12 oz. bag of pre-washed broccoli and carrots, and the believable explanation that our grocer did not have any such broth (given the time of night and the weekend we’ve had I didn’t feel like arguing with him even if I wanted to).

So, this afternoon I washed/drained/chopped all the veggies he brought (except the yellow pepper, as after looking inside it, it didn’t look right to me), threw it all in the crockpot with 8 cups of chicken broth (I know it’s not vegetarian but this is as close as I without a car or cash is going to get with this soup).  Threw in a tablespoon of dried basil and a half tablespoon of black pepper, assumed the broth will give it all the salt this dish should need, and let it cook on high for 4 hours.

And…..it was awful.  I put WAY too much pepper.  No, scratch that.  “WAY too much pepper” covers it about as much as saying Jayne Cobb likes guns to describe his obsession.  I love spicy, but I had trouble eating it.  And poor G., whose soup had been absentmindedly peppered in addition to what was already in there, managed to spill my bowl onto his lap while I was up getting him more to drink (thankfully it was cool enough to not burn) – the second thing he’s spilled today, with the first being half a cup of iced tea next to the computer (everything important is safe).  I might try to drain the veggies in hopes of being able to salvage it for future meals, and the next time I try this, I think I’ll just let everyone salt/pepper to their own taste.

Now, off to my Monday night routine of date night with Jeff.


January 19, 2012 – Try It Thursday!

Pre-breakfast blood sugar:  171

Pre-dinner blood sugar:  130

Breakfast: 2 pieces of toast and bacon

Lunch:  Hot dogs, cheese, and some orange slices

Dinner:  Macaroni alfredo with chicken and mushrooms

First, let me say that, if you couldn’t tell from my participation in yesterday’s protest, I’m all in favor of SOPA/PIPA going down.  The night before I was too tired to post much, so I set my blog up for the protest and went to get some much needed sleep, and the idea of hurrying up and posting as soon as midnight hit or back-posting just doesn’t feel in the spirit of the protest for me, so I will not be posting what would have been my entries for those days.  I highly recommend complaining to your local reps in both houses of Congress if they supported the bills, ESPECIALLY if they were among the damn dirty bastards that co-sponsored (I’m looking at you, Chabot and Brown, as someone born and raised in Ohio).

In attempts to make more pasta without the tomatoes and garlic Jeff hates, I tried making my own alfredo sauce.  Of course, since Jeff wasn’t with us tonight, I included the garlic salt and garlic mentioned in this recipe; however I added a drained can of chicken and a drained can of mushrooms to get some protein and veggies in the meal without making additional dishes for me to wash.  N. was being extra picky, turning down even a chicken patty I made in addition for both kids; G., being strange as he is my child, seemed to like the sauce but nothing else, dipping his fork into the dish deep enough to get some sauce, remove any mushroom/chicken/macaroni, and eat what was there.  Maybe it will grow on them, and hopefully Jeff will like the garlic-free version too.

I hope y’all look forward to future discussions about Paula Dean’s coming out of the insulin closet?  (just not on her birthday, even though she’ll most likely never read it) and Newt Gingrich’s supposed asking for an open relationship with one of his wives.  These will be in the future, as I have been up too late with the kiddos and the guys, and have not been having my muchly-needed caffeine that I’m used to having.  This weekend is gearing up to be busy, so we’ll see.

January 10, 2012

Last night I laid down in bed to watch a movie with the hubby and fell asleep, completely forgetting to post on here. My apologies.

Pre-breakfast blood sugar: 230

Pre-dinner blood sugar: 212

Breakfast: Apple cinnamon muffin with peanut butter

Lunch: Leftover lasagna and salad

Dinner: Bow tie pasta with basil, chicken and bell peppers in olive oil, bread

Like I predicted, I blew it with the previous night’s lasagna. It probably wouldn’t have been as bad if I stuck to just one serving. But it was so good, and trying to convince the kids and Jeff that it was is a convenient excuse.

Damnit, I need to stop that. I just need to make them try a bite of everything on their plate, and then let them eat what they want. If they don’t eat, well, they’ll eventually get hungry.

In the adventures of my polyamorous lovestyle (I’ve heard someone else use the term “lovestyle”, I wish I remembered who used it and I think it fits so appropriately), hubby and I took the kids on a trip to Walgreens to get condoms for both the J’s. (Adapting a quote from the TV series Roseanne, nothing quite kills a mood like a screaming baby with a stinky diaper, whether s/he is yours or not, OR a metamor wanting to kill you for having the lover-in-common’s baby, or a significant other wanting to kill you for knocking another person up. Also, having watched a neighbor slowly pass away from AIDS complications certainly puts an appreciation on those few seconds to don some latex.) It was quite an interesting trip in logistics, as one of us had to keep the kids busy in the toy/Valentine’s Day aisles while the other looked. While we did not find condoms for one of them, we did find some insoles to help make my beat-up gym shoes last a bit longer.

Otherwise, just imagine the cashier’s face when we pulled up if we found everything: Milk, ladies’ shoe inserts, flavored condoms, snugger fit condoms, and magnum condoms.

January 5, 2012

Pre-breakfast blood sugar:  282 (WTF?)

Pre-dinner blood sugar:  308

Breakfast:  English muffins and egg sandwich

Lunch:  Spaghetti

Dinner:  Italian sausage, buttered noodles, and broccoli

I frankly don’t know what happened to my morning blood sugar.  I really don’t.

My horrendus evening sugar can be explained.  Italian sausage is one of my favorite foods, but finding a variety 3/4 of my household likes has been a challenge.  Tonight we finally achieved that challenge by my youngest devouring the brand/spice level that we picked *insert angelic chorus here*.  I was so happy seeing him ignore the pasta (his weakness just like mama) that I started chowing down.  About 2/3 through my meal I realized I forgot to test.  Given my high sugars to begin with, and this clearly not being a fasting test, it should be higher than normal.

Tomorrow’s going to be interesting.  Remember how I went to all that trouble remembering to refill my prescriptions?  Jeff’s dear, wonderful, considerate (gag me!) HR department just sent out e-mails letting all their underpaid employees know that there is a new drug card and we should have it.  We don’t have this card.  Gee, thanks for being prepared and making sure all employees and their dependents have easy coverage from day 1, right?  Like my life is boring and needs the excitement of fighting with the pharmacy and the insurance companies, right?  I need a job – and the job of the idiot whose grandiose idea to delay sending this stuff out should suffice.  If only life worked that way.

But hey, tomorrow’s Friday, and pay day, and unnecessary drama has seemed to slow down (I have a toddler and a preschooler – there is a degree of necessary drama), might see the boyfriend Saturday night; there’s no reason to let what might happen tomorrow damper my tonight.