January 16, 2012 – Meatless Monday

Pre-breakfast sugar: 178
Pre-dinner sugar: 222

Breakfast: Eggs and English muffin
Lunch: Peanut butter and blueberry jelly sandwich, apple with peanut butter, celery with peanut butter
Snack: Two chocolate chocolate chip cookies
Dinner: Vegetarian nuggets, baked potato, and Parmesan cabbage

In regards to that snack, they are very teeny tiny, barely bigger than a half-dollar, cookies. Little did I know how high that would spike my sugar. On the upside, given how my blood sugar has ran, the fasting (pre-breakfast) sugar isn’t bad considering I had a forgetful moment and forgot to take my nightly medicine.

The vegetarian nuggets (Morningstar brand) were a bit more carb-heavy than I anticipated, but the kids really ate them, as long as they had ketchup. The kids had rotini pasta with marinara since they don’t seem to care of the more adult things (who’s surprised?); next time I will insist I only get half of one, if that much. Appropriately, the Parmesan cabbage recipe, send via email from Rachael Ray’s peeps, was indeed made with Rachael Ray’s lovely blue pots; I totally forgot to buy onion, and since Nicky has shown such interest in eating red cabbage, I thought I’d try it with that. It was good and easy to make (especially when you don’t have an almost-2-year-old trying to squeeze all life from your legs and screaming his love for “Momo”, i.e., Elmo), though the cabbage was nowhere near dry after 10, 14 minutes (I think they meant to say uncover the cabbage after adding the chicken broth). We didn’t eat near enough of this stuff, so I think in order to make this not so wasteful I’ll have to find more creative uses for red cabbage.