January 25, 2012 – Corny Diabetes-Related Pick Up Lines

Pre-breakfast sugar: 185

Pre-dinner sugar: 158

Breakfast:  Grits and sausage

Lunch:  Chicken nuggets, red beans and rice, and oranges

Dinner: Chicken tenders, fries, and stir-fry veggies

“When I think about you, I test myself” was the pick-up line Jeff tried using when I was testing my blood sugar before dinner, then going on about how he is more true to the song he was referencing.

What lines have y’all heard or tried?  How successful were they?

Now that you’re groaning, I’m off to get last-minute stuff done for G.’s brithday party tomorrow.  I will caution you all that tomorrow’s post is most likely going to be sappy.

Edit:  I really did weigh myself for Weigh In Wednesday, but forgot to post it.  The magical number is….282.0 pounds.  Only lost half a pound, but the bottom line is it is going in the right direction.