January 29, 2012

Pre-breakfast:  203

Pre-dinner:  133

Breakfast:  1 slice of French toast, eggs, sausage

Lunch:  Hot dogs

Dinner: 3 square-cut slices of pizza

Yeah, yesterday was so awful in regards to me taking care of myself I’m a little ashamed to post about it.  My day yesterday started off getting two kids and one non-morning adult up, ready, dressed, and out the door for a 10 AM appointment an hour-ish away, and kept busy until 2AM for a work party for Jeff.  Horrible, unhealthy eating (but so good), and I completely forgot to take my meds (which might not be an entirely bad thing considering the margaritas, rum & Cokes, and Jagermister shots I had at the party)

Today’s been a day of stress.  I have lots of major, major things to handle in the next few days, and the pessimistic part of me is afraid that things are going to turn out badly.  I wish I could elaborate but there are those I do not wish to know as they could complicate matters, and this being a public site I can’t really control who does/doesn’t see it.  However, I will be upfront that the most major thing will be taking a lot of my time, and I may not post as regularly as I intended to; it is related to a situation where I do not have full control over, and I really want to apologize to you all in advance for the sudden lack of postings.

So, my question to you, fair readers:  How can I make it up to you?  A contest perhaps?  If so, what should be the rules and the prizes?