Wake Up Call

Last night I had a sobering experience.  I had just put the boys to bed and had sat down to chat and play on Facebook/Google+/Twitter when it happened.  Out of the blue, I felt dizzy, and my hands were shaking to the point that using the phone to let J1* know, so he didn’t discover me passed out without a clue as he walked in the door from a Star Wars game.  It was enough of a challenge to type out a warning to J2* that I’m not feeling so hot, to prick myself so I could successfully get a drop of blood, and to get that blasted little testing strip into the glucometer.

It was 299.  Yup, my body was freaking out about a sudden drop in blood sugar when it was that high.  It would be an understatement to say this is not a good thing.  The fact that I’m battling a sinus infection that moved into my chest that I’m taking antibiotics for doesn’t excuse this one bit.

I am a bad patient.  I haven’t been as diligent about taking medicine, testing myself, getting bloodwork done, and sticking to a diabetic-friendly diet.  This is surprising considering my A1C was better than my own doctor’s when I was pregnant with N, my oldest, and my blood sugars were pretty good all things considered when I was pregnant with G.  The only real difference I can sanely control (getting pregnant to gain control of my diabetes is a BAD BAD idea in my opinion) is when I was pregnant, I had weekly/biweekly visits with the doc to review my sugars, and I had to account for any unusual test results.  Sometimes, if things weren’t going in the direction we wanted, I also reported a record of what I ate.  I also had family and friends on my case, rarely agreeing that I needed that banana split because I needed a serving of fruit (pregnancy hormones, y’all – the second most powerful force in the world).

I don’t have the cash, and I’m sure my doctor doesn’t have the time, to review my sugars on that close of a basis.  Yes, I have accounts on several social networking sites, but I’m pretty sure the people who complain about the occasional post about a great meal someone made would explode if I started posting blood glucose results, my daily menu, etc.  Hence the blog.  Even if no one lets me know they read, I’m intending to motivate myself to make more decisions I can better account.  I’m hoping this may serve to help anyone in a similar situation – share recipes, tips, the ups and downs of managing diabetes.  It may also give a doctor or two some insight about their not-so-good patients (c’mon, you know most people aren’t 100% with their docs).

That’s not to say that’s all I’m going to post.  I’m more than just a diabetic, and I’ll post the occasional bit about other parts of my life.  I will attempt to get this blog set up the way I like it and start posting Sunday, provided no catastrophes happen between now and then.

*I would like to keep the identities of my VIP’s hidden until they otherwise say differently, while still mentioning them and being able to keep track of them.  “The Hubby” (J1) and “The Boyfriend” (J2) sound too, er, pretentious to me, and they both have the same initial.  Until they give me the go-ahead to use their real names or some other designation, I’ll use Dr. Seuss-esque J1 and J2 as a way to distinguish them.