Commentary Policy

Shiri Eisner over at Bi radical has a wonderful comments policy; when I came across it, I hadn’t had any comment problems beyond spammers, but I think having a comments policy might help head off any drama before it starts.  I will be adapting my comment policy from hers (and I will admit much of these are her own words) as of January 26, 2012.  So here it is:

Commentary Policy

First off: I welcome comments. I think the comments is where some real work is being done in addressing the issues that I raise in posts (even – or especially – if you disagree with me). So if you’re thinking about making a comment, that’s awesome and go ahead.

At the same time and notwithstanding, this blog is not a public internet space: it is mine, and I want to feel comfortable in it. This means that although I approve most comments, some comments won’t make it on the blog. Here are some guidelines:

  • Keep your comments productive. I don’t mind about your tone of writing, but if what you’re saying in more in the lines of destructive (rather than constructive) commentary, better rethink or rephrase.
  • Avoid derailing the discussion; I’m sure Thumper’s father also told him “If you can’t say anything on topic, don’t say anything at all.”
  • Overt biphobia, monosexism, transphobia, cissexphobia, lesbophobia, homophobia, heterophobia, sexism, racism, ableism, classism, phobia based on body size, phobia based on another’s religion/spirituality, phobia based on another’s monogamy/non-monogamy, and other oppressive views – including denying that they exist – will not make it on the blog.
  • Attacking myself or other commenters in regards to parenting styles and choices will not be tolerated, especially in the areas of breastfeeding/formula; baby delivery methods; staying at home versus working; vaccinations; when/what to begin feeding solids; discipline methods; etc.  Raising children is hard and there is no one universally good method to do it; unless we are truly harming a child, let’s be uplifting and supportive of each other, even when we disagree – we all get enough flak on how we care for our children other places online and in real life.
  • I reply to most comments, but not all. I am more likely to reply to comments which I feel are productive and contribute to the discussion.  Further, if you comment is moderated, it may take me a while to get back to you – I have 2 small children and they are my priority over reviewing comments.
  • Posing as different people with similar message and links will get you flagged as spam and treated as such.  While I don’t mind a little shameless self promotion, my blog is not a free advertising space.  Message me privately and if I find your product relevant and good quality, we might be able to work something out to put your product in the spotlight.
  • Do not bring any drama that started outside of this blog into this blog.  My name is not Jerry Springer, nor am I a licensed therapist, but I do know there are healthier, classier, and more effective environments to solve your personal issues.
  • References to your facts are always welcome and in fact are highly encouraged.

Your comment didn’t make it? The internet is a big place! Open a new blog and write your opinions elsewhere. Good luck!


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