January 26, 2012 – Happy 2nd Birthday Baby!

Pre-breakfast blood sugar:  156

Pre-dinner blood sugar:  ??  I totally forgot to test, but I did actually remember to take my glucometer out which I normally don’t.

Breakfast:  Red velvet pancakes (but without the icing in the recipe – still good), sausage

Lunch:  Bow tie pasta with bell peppers, sugar snap peas, and chicken

Dinner:  Boneless wings, traditional wings, side salad sans dressing, birthday cookie cake

Oh, we began, my baby boy and I.  I remember the Tuesday morning, the day before he would have been considered a full term baby, anxiously waiting to be taken back to the O.R.; needless to say, this didn’t help my high blood pressure much, even while sleeping on my left side as much as I could stand.  Anxious about the epidural, hoping they didn’t mess it up like they did last time with me – it was bad enough I was having trouble walking, as he thought my sciatic nerve was a comfy spot.  The prep was kind of a blur, and finally I got to hear your first protest as they took him away from me, despite the chatter about a 9 pound, 15.8 pound preemie, whom was nicknamed “the little big guy” by staff at the hospital.

Fast forward through these two years, and my, has he grown.  Most moments he is a great happy bundle of infectious joy in his play and interactions with others, whether it is just in the tilting back and forth as he plays on a drum or how he dances along to “Boo’s Coos”.  For a little guy who doesn’t have many words, he is certainly expressive ranging from hating foods “with his whole body” to squealing with glee over rolling toys.  He certainly has his own sense of humor, often doing things he knows he’s not supposed to do, and somehow charms his way out of it.  Most distinctively, he is incredibly passionate in what he does.  Rarely do I see him simply content; while his tantrums rival the Hulk, our home is never silent while he is awake (and sometimes when he’s asleep).

While I know there’s a lot of time for him to grow, develop, and define himself, I hope some things never change.  May he always have his sense of humor, his infectious joy, his ability to express himself, and his passion.

Happy Birthday G.Q., and thank you for being such a wonderful gift to my life.


January 19, 2012 – Try It Thursday!

Pre-breakfast blood sugar:  171

Pre-dinner blood sugar:  130

Breakfast: 2 pieces of toast and bacon

Lunch:  Hot dogs, cheese, and some orange slices

Dinner:  Macaroni alfredo with chicken and mushrooms

First, let me say that, if you couldn’t tell from my participation in yesterday’s protest, I’m all in favor of SOPA/PIPA going down.  The night before I was too tired to post much, so I set my blog up for the protest and went to get some much needed sleep, and the idea of hurrying up and posting as soon as midnight hit or back-posting just doesn’t feel in the spirit of the protest for me, so I will not be posting what would have been my entries for those days.  I highly recommend complaining to your local reps in both houses of Congress if they supported the bills, ESPECIALLY if they were among the damn dirty bastards that co-sponsored (I’m looking at you, Chabot and Brown, as someone born and raised in Ohio).

In attempts to make more pasta without the tomatoes and garlic Jeff hates, I tried making my own alfredo sauce.  Of course, since Jeff wasn’t with us tonight, I included the garlic salt and garlic mentioned in this recipe; however I added a drained can of chicken and a drained can of mushrooms to get some protein and veggies in the meal without making additional dishes for me to wash.  N. was being extra picky, turning down even a chicken patty I made in addition for both kids; G., being strange as he is my child, seemed to like the sauce but nothing else, dipping his fork into the dish deep enough to get some sauce, remove any mushroom/chicken/macaroni, and eat what was there.  Maybe it will grow on them, and hopefully Jeff will like the garlic-free version too.

I hope y’all look forward to future discussions about Paula Dean’s coming out of the insulin closet?  (just not on her birthday, even though she’ll most likely never read it) and Newt Gingrich’s supposed asking for an open relationship with one of his wives.  These will be in the future, as I have been up too late with the kiddos and the guys, and have not been having my muchly-needed caffeine that I’m used to having.  This weekend is gearing up to be busy, so we’ll see.

January 13, 2012 – A Double Entry, Complete with Pirates!

Thursday’s pre-breakfast: 194
Thursday’s pre-dinner: 163

Thursday’s breakfast: Grits and sausage
Thursday’s lunch: Homemade lunchables, oranges
Thursday’s dinner: Chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, and cheesy broccoli

Today’s pre-breakfast: 186
Today’s pre-dinner: 245

Today’s breakfast: Waffle and Eggs (and a teeny tiny bit of syrup)
Today’s lunch: 3-ways
Today’s dinner: Zesty chicken meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and broccoli

Yesterday was….interesting. On my last post I mentioned Jim and I going out. Well, we earned a lot of points, and found stuff for our collective children. His daughter got a light-up kazoo (brave man….I still stand by my volunteering to nurse him back to health after his wife justifiably kills him for this) and my kids got inflatable hammers. Harmless, right?


I'm too sexy for my eye, Too sexy for my eye, So sexy it hurts!

I presented the hammers to the boys and they went nuts over them, beating everything in sight. At one point when my glasses were off me, N., hit me pretty well in the eye, to the point that using that eye became painful. Thankfully Jeff’s game was cancelled, so he came home earlier than normal, made dinner, and took over the care of the kids. Hence the lack of post yesterday and the utter failure of Try It Thursday.

Today, naturally, has been filled with pirate jokes (even G. got into it, pointing to my eye and screaming “ARG!”) and a certain Bob & Tom song being sent to me (‘One Eyed Love”). And Cincinnati chili 3-ways: spaghetti, Cincinnati-style chili, and gobs of shredded cheddar (which explains the pre-dinner blood sugar).

Since we didn’t do the experimental recipe on Thursday night, I decided to do it tonight, as I can better see now. It is essentially this recipe, but without the ranch, the salsa on the side for dipping instead of in the loaf, and the cheddar being mixed in the loaf. My pickiest eater, Jeff, liked it enough to ask me to try it again and asked me to not change anything (often he has suggestions to tweak the recipe). I call this a great big huge success!

*does a piratey happy dance*