About BigMamaL

BigMamaL is a 29 year old stay at home mom of N (almost 4 years old), G (almost 2 years old), and A (angel lost early in pregnancy).  She was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes October 2002 during an urgent care visit right before a family friend’s wedding.  N and G were both born at 37 weeks (give and take a day, respectively) after BigMamaL spent the previous weekend on her left side to combat preclampsia.  All four of her biological grandparents have diabetes, as well has her father and several other family members, all of which have lived or are currently living with various consequences due to a lack of care – from just having to take insulin in addition to medicine to blindness in one or both eyes to lost limbs.  She is the first, however, to get the diagnosis before the age of 30 in her biological family.

If BigMamaL was a soup can, her label would also mention she’s made in Cincinnati, a graduate of Walnut Hills High School and Northern Kentucky University, a mother, a wife, a girlfriend (yup, that would make her polyamorous), a friend, Pagan, bisexual, a smart aleck, a general troublemaker, and a lover of music, psychology, video games, movies, the theatre, cooking/baking, collecting rubber ducks, and snuggles.

One thing BigMamaL isn’t is a medical professional.  She encourages readers to use information and opinions from her blog to spark conversation between patients and relevant medical professionals about the medical care of others, but to not use her blog as a sole source of treatment for independent management of health.


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