January 30, 2012 – Meatless Monday!

Pre-breakfast blood sugar: 183

Pre-dinner blood sugar:  227

Breakfast:  1 waffle and scrambled eggs

Lunch:  Leftover cheese pizza and oranges

Dinner:  Black bean burger with cheese, 1/2 cup macaroni and cheese, lots of stir-fry veggies

Someone in my Google+ circles shared a link to a series of photographs featuring Olympic athletes as well as their height/weight.  While the majority of them hold what most people regard as an athletic build, there are several, both men and women, whose build are more like my own.  It really is a refreshing thing to see an artistic study of the athlete to include a larger scope of what health looks like. I know I’m not in the best of health so my credibility may not hold much without a medical degree, but I do disagree with the idea of everyone having to maintain a certain weight/height ratio in order to be considered healthy.  As a child, I played several years of volleyball, basketball, track and field (shot put and discus throw), pushed kids in wheelchairs in a hurry playing baseball; as I got older (and before my back problems) I lifted heavy things/children/dogs.  I have developed some serious muscle over the years, and no healthy, non-surgical weight loss solution is going to get rid of that; I’m fairly confident that once I loose every ounce of fat I still will not meet the ideal weight according to those charts, I will still be considered overweight if not a more severe label.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand many of the implications of being heavy.  No other health complications, the additional weight, additional stress on the bones can weaken what holds everything together.  But take doctors, insurance companies, etc., put so much emphasis on one’s BMI, and pair that with the media and social emphasis on that number, and we’re all shocked that so many people have such bad body images of themselves, whether it is as severe as anorexia, bulimia, etc., or if it is a daily sigh of disgust when someone looks at the mirror.  We still wonder why heart disease and the like are so high – because we’re so stuck on achieving that magical number we forget to choose foods with nutrients, take time to exercise in such a way to develop a healthy habit, to take a few moments each day to love yourself and to make sure you surround yourself with emotionally-healthy social situations, as often emotional and physical health go hand-in-hand.

Health should not be about struggling to achieve numbers you may never make.  It should be about working with the body and situations you have, and feeling good about how you are maintaining yourself.


January 29, 2012

Pre-breakfast:  203

Pre-dinner:  133

Breakfast:  1 slice of French toast, eggs, sausage

Lunch:  Hot dogs

Dinner: 3 square-cut slices of pizza

Yeah, yesterday was so awful in regards to me taking care of myself I’m a little ashamed to post about it.  My day yesterday started off getting two kids and one non-morning adult up, ready, dressed, and out the door for a 10 AM appointment an hour-ish away, and kept busy until 2AM for a work party for Jeff.  Horrible, unhealthy eating (but so good), and I completely forgot to take my meds (which might not be an entirely bad thing considering the margaritas, rum & Cokes, and Jagermister shots I had at the party)

Today’s been a day of stress.  I have lots of major, major things to handle in the next few days, and the pessimistic part of me is afraid that things are going to turn out badly.  I wish I could elaborate but there are those I do not wish to know as they could complicate matters, and this being a public site I can’t really control who does/doesn’t see it.  However, I will be upfront that the most major thing will be taking a lot of my time, and I may not post as regularly as I intended to; it is related to a situation where I do not have full control over, and I really want to apologize to you all in advance for the sudden lack of postings.

So, my question to you, fair readers:  How can I make it up to you?  A contest perhaps?  If so, what should be the rules and the prizes?

January 27, 2012

Pre-breakfast sugar: 187

Pre-dinner sugar: 153

Breakfast: Cereal and yogurt

Lunch: Leftover pasta/chicken/peppers

Dinner: Cheese coneys and munchies from potluck

Guys, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m not going to write anything too interesting tonight. I am tired and have to do the figurative equivalent of herding 3 cats to be at a 10am appointment about 45 minutes away tomorrow. I’m sure after Jeff’s work’s holiday party I will have something interesting.

Love to all y’all!

January 26, 2012 – Happy 2nd Birthday Baby!

Pre-breakfast blood sugar:  156

Pre-dinner blood sugar:  ??  I totally forgot to test, but I did actually remember to take my glucometer out which I normally don’t.

Breakfast:  Red velvet pancakes (but without the icing in the recipe – still good), sausage

Lunch:  Bow tie pasta with bell peppers, sugar snap peas, and chicken

Dinner:  Boneless wings, traditional wings, side salad sans dressing, birthday cookie cake

Oh, we began, my baby boy and I.  I remember the Tuesday morning, the day before he would have been considered a full term baby, anxiously waiting to be taken back to the O.R.; needless to say, this didn’t help my high blood pressure much, even while sleeping on my left side as much as I could stand.  Anxious about the epidural, hoping they didn’t mess it up like they did last time with me – it was bad enough I was having trouble walking, as he thought my sciatic nerve was a comfy spot.  The prep was kind of a blur, and finally I got to hear your first protest as they took him away from me, despite the chatter about a 9 pound, 15.8 pound preemie, whom was nicknamed “the little big guy” by staff at the hospital.

Fast forward through these two years, and my, has he grown.  Most moments he is a great happy bundle of infectious joy in his play and interactions with others, whether it is just in the tilting back and forth as he plays on a drum or how he dances along to “Boo’s Coos”.  For a little guy who doesn’t have many words, he is certainly expressive ranging from hating foods “with his whole body” to squealing with glee over rolling toys.  He certainly has his own sense of humor, often doing things he knows he’s not supposed to do, and somehow charms his way out of it.  Most distinctively, he is incredibly passionate in what he does.  Rarely do I see him simply content; while his tantrums rival the Hulk, our home is never silent while he is awake (and sometimes when he’s asleep).

While I know there’s a lot of time for him to grow, develop, and define himself, I hope some things never change.  May he always have his sense of humor, his infectious joy, his ability to express himself, and his passion.

Happy Birthday G.Q., and thank you for being such a wonderful gift to my life.

Commentary Policy

Hey all!

I just wanted to point my readers to the new commentary policy for the blog.  I’d love to hear any feedback about it.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

January 25, 2012 – Corny Diabetes-Related Pick Up Lines

Pre-breakfast sugar: 185

Pre-dinner sugar: 158

Breakfast:  Grits and sausage

Lunch:  Chicken nuggets, red beans and rice, and oranges

Dinner: Chicken tenders, fries, and stir-fry veggies

“When I think about you, I test myself” was the pick-up line Jeff tried using when I was testing my blood sugar before dinner, then going on about how he is more true to the song he was referencing.

What lines have y’all heard or tried?  How successful were they?

Now that you’re groaning, I’m off to get last-minute stuff done for G.’s brithday party tomorrow.  I will caution you all that tomorrow’s post is most likely going to be sappy.

Edit:  I really did weigh myself for Weigh In Wednesday, but forgot to post it.  The magical number is….282.0 pounds.  Only lost half a pound, but the bottom line is it is going in the right direction.

January 24, 2012 – A Lesson For Newty-Fruity

Pre-breakfast blood sugar: 205

Pre-dinner blood sugar:  160

Breakfast:  Blueberry muffins with peanut butter (and extra fiber!)

Lunch:  Chicken pot pie

Dinner:  Ham, 1/2 baked potato with cheese and sour cream, several helpings of green beans, 12 oz. Sierra Mist

“I had tried to keep her
From what she was about to see.
Why should she believe me
When I told her it wasn’t me?”

-Shaggy, “Wasn’t Me”

Given the upcoming presidential election, the internet has been (partially) all abuzz about Newt Gingrich’s supposed request for an open marriage prior to the divorce from his second wife, 6 months after her diagnosis of MS, 6 years after the flames of an affair with his current wife began.  Generally the more conservative-leaning media has been all in a tizzy, calling it his failed adventures into polyamory, while the more liberal-leaning has made great strides to distance those in open relations from him, and slapping the label of “hypocrite” on the adulterous man who attempted impeachment of another elected official for doing the same thing.

But really, it doesn’t matter at all as to what relationship variation it is.  Whatever he did, he did it wrong.  The way I see it, he most likely thought he was getting caught with his pants down, and the request was his way to scramble to repair what he had with Marianne for appearance’s sake while maintaining the status quo with his mistress.  From this poly chick’s standpoint, the attempt was as lame as saying it wasn’t him with Callista.

When you enter into a commitment with another, whether it be exclusive or open, romantic or sexual, boundaries and trust are established; it is completely possible to cheat on a partner, whether you are open to other relationships or are limited to just each other.  Regardless of the nature of the relationships, there are certainly limits.  Those limits can healthily and happily change, but communication, fully-informed consent, and honesty are needed to make this happen.  The heart of the problem with cheating is once you are discovered, you destroy all trust your partner had in you – you violated the agreement, your commitment to the relationship is questionable, you knowingly risk hurting your partner both physically and emotionally.  If you don’t like the current boundaries of your relationship, talk about it and put some work into your relationship; your partner often cannot help fulfill your needs if you do not make them known.

In our initial exploration of loving more than one, my husband and I both know we cannot be everything and anything for each other.  Did either of us find someone in secret?  No, over the years we had many a series of discussions, tears, laughing, stammering, hugs, yelling, and finally, agreement.  THEN, and only then, we sought out others like us, and we did have to revisit and revise our agreement a few times, but we both know, we both freely consent, and we both are honest to each other.  We haven’t done the seeking for long and we’re not intimately aware of how our poly friends came to apply their feelings, but I’m pretty confident our way is a whole lot more successful, healthier, and is more typical of the average committed couple embracing polyamory as opposed to fooling around with someone in secret and then forcing another partner to an agreement.  Our trust in the each other has not been violated, and our marriage still stands. My relationship with my boyfriend is similar, and we are happy as well.

Communication, honesty, consent.  THAT, Newty-Fruity, is how you do poly, mono, open, closed, sexual, romantic, long-term, short-term, same sex, opposite sex.  It is how you do relationships right.  Remember that next time you consider dropping your uptight tighty whities* for a random aide.

*Disclaimer:  No, before anyone asks or makes wild inferences, I do not know what he wears, nor do I care.  If you do know, please know I wish to remain ignorant of this factoid.